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Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing

Workshops, training & initiatives 

Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £56 billion per year.  There has been a rise in Mental Health issues within the workplace,  and more people resigning from stressful environments

Supporting wellbeing enables staff to thrive, grow and feel valued. It reduces stress and creates a sense of connection across an organisation.

We offer a sustainable and effective approach to mental health increasing understanding and reducing stigma via a range of tailored mental health and wellbeing workshops and training.


Most services can be delivered online or face to face. 


We enable managers and HR teams to feel confident supporting employees. Focus on prevention for all and increasing understanding of mental health.


Get in touch to book any of the workshops below or find out more about tailored mental health initiatives.

Mental Health Awareness: Services

                                           Workshops can be half or full day.

Both options give a good level of understanding. The longer sessions go into more depth on topics and have extra exercises to embed learning.

Creating a Wellbeing Culture


Suitable for anyone within a role of influence 

What does a healthy workplace with wellbeing at its heart look like?  

A toxic workplace leads to ill health, poor performance and high turnover of employees. Creating a culture that supports wellbeing is not only good for employees it is good for business too. 

Bringing about culture change takes a whole organisational approach. This session focuses on key roles and actions, from strategies to communication and leading by example. 

Be the place everyone wants to work.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

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Suitable for Managers and HR professionals 

Promoting skills of listening, communication and actionable steps. 


Enabling Managers to recognize signs of stress and mental health in the workplace. Increase confidence and understanding to have a mental health conversation, including legal responsibilities and impact of management styles on employees. 

Practical tools to utilise in the workplace, reducing stigma and increasing mental health awareness to build team harmony, improve working relationships thereby reducing conflict.

Working with Anxiety

Young Woman Making Notes

Suitable for all employees

Anxiety is on the rise within our workplaces, impacted by our 24 hour culture and pressure to achieve our goals. It can be a difficult condition to manage but with understanding and small changes we can learn to take back control. Includes how to manage panic attacks, or support someone experiencing panic. 

Participants will learn strategies to deal effectively with anxiety and have a toolkit to utilise at work and home.

How to Recognize & Deal with Stress

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Suitable for all employees

How to recognize early warning signs of stress, understanding the science behind why we feel stressed and how to de-stress quickly. 

Workshop will cover strategies to prevent a build up of stress, enabling you to flourish and grow rather than "cope" with challenges. 

Great for teams going through periods of change which can impact stress levels. 

Mental Health Awareness 

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Suitable for all 

This introductory workshop gives you an overview of mental health, focus on the main signs and symptoms and an understanding of how to signpost someone to appropriate support.

It also helps individuals to understand how to support their own mental health and wellbeing, with a toolkit of resources to take away. 

Managing Wellbeing in the Workplace

Working Mom

Suitable for Managers & HR Professionals 

As we continue to work from home or use hybrid working how can we manage staff wellbeing and mental health from a distance? This workshop will give managers and HR teams the tools to support employees. 

IIt will explore the impact of different working patterns, how to spot the signs of mental ill health and ways you can support wellbeing across your teams and importantly for yourself

Mental Health Awareness: Projects
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