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Wellbeing Top Tips

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It is important to proactively look after your wellbeing now more than ever. Working from home or self isolating can be stressful and impact how you think, feel and behave. Prioritising your wellbeing and taking time out for yourself can make a real difference.

Below are some top tips to help support your wellbeing.

1. Plan your day

Routine and structure will help you feel more in control of your day and separate work and home. Try to start and finish your day at the same time, leaving space for relaxation. Tackle difficult tasks early and reward yourself with breaks.

2. Let go of what you can't control

We can't control the virus or the Governments dealing with the situation or how others are reacting. We need to let go of trying to control the uncontrollable. Think about what you can control, how you spend your day, your thoughts and feelings, restricting your news or social media intake if you find yourself feeling anxious or upset

3. Move more every day

Being active reduces stress, increases energy levels, can make us more alert and help us sleep better. Explore different ways of adding physical movement and activity to your day and find some that work best for you. Simple things like dancing to your favourite song or running up and down the stairs.

4. Try a relaxation technique

Relaxing and focusing on the present can help improve your mental health and lighten negative feelings. Try some different meditation or breathing exercises to see what helps or spend time in nature, your local park or woodland is a great way of being present.

5. Connect with others

Staying at home, especially if you live on your own, can feel lonely. Find creative ways to keep in touch with co-workers, friends, family, and others to help you (and them) feel more connected and supported. Explore ways of connecting that work for you. Setting up a pen pal group for example is a lovely way of making new connections and supporting others

6. Take time to reflect and practice self compassion

Now is a great time to reflect on what is important in your life, how you find meaning. It's important to recognise your successes and the things you are grateful for, no matter how small, keeping a gratitude journal supports this. Mindfulness techniques may also help you focus on the present rather than dwelling on unhelpful thoughts

7. Improve your sleep

Aim to go to bed and get up at the same time each day, even at the weekend if you can, and try to get some natural sunlight (by opening your curtains and windows) where possible. This helps to regulate your body clock which can help you sleep better. Wind down before bed by avoiding using your phone, tablet, computer or TV for an hour before bedtime.

Action for Happiness Ten Keys for Happier Living are researched based actions which support you to lead a happier and more meaningful life. Why not try to incorporate some of the ten keys into your daily or weekly routine.

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