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The Learning Hour

Range of stimulating topics around wellbeing, ideal as an hour session for the whole organisation to stimulate conversation and ongoing learning.  Each session is interactive and has resources to take away.  


These can also be delivered as longer workshops for smaller groups, with more in depth exercises. 

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How we can all help to break down mental health stigma

Mental Health stigma is still unfortunately prevalent in our schools, workplaces and communities. It stops people sharing their difficulties, reaching out for support and stifles recovery. 

How can we all play our part in engaging in the mental health conversation, making a difference that can literally save a life.

Change your habits - change your life

Have you ever tried to build a new habit or routine only to find yourself slipping back in old patterns?

The habits and routines we chose daily impact not only our current situation but our future path. You will never change your life until you change your habits.

There’s a tiny difference between thinking ‘I could never do that’ and realising ‘I can totally see how that’s possible,’ As successful habits are formed your brain is rewired and it builds a wave of positivity and motivation.

In this session, you will learn how to create habits that stick, embrace change, and move towards the life you wish to lead.

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Introduction to mindfulness with self-compassion

Mindfulness is a way of staying in the moment and developing a kind and non-judgemental awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. It helps us see clearly what is going on in our lives.

It is not about trying to change the way things are but about accepting things as they are - the pleasant and unpleasant - and being able to respond to life's ups and downs with greater freedom. It supports a reconnection between mind and body

We will utilise self-compassion techniques to bring acceptance and kindness to ourselves.

The session will include two mindfulness practices, alongside overview of mindfulness and opportunity for discussion.

How to calm the overthinking mind

Overthinking, ruminating and worrying can keep us stuck in an exhausting cycle of panic, fear or procrastination. But life does not have to be like this, there are ways to calm and restore the balance of the mind. 

We will explore a range of techniques from breathing to CBT that will enable you to regain control in your life.

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Cultivating understanding and reducing stress

This session will focus on improving our awareness and understanding of its causes and physiological and psychological responses.

The last year has understandably seen a rise in stress for many, but do we understand why we feel stressed, it's causes and how we can reduce it.
We will explore strategies for reducing stress and improving wellbeing.

Facing our fears - Living a courageous life

How can we move from a place of fear to one of courage and connection?

Aristotle believed courage to be the most important quality, he wrote. “Courage is the first of human virtues because it makes all others possible,"

In order to lead a life we want we have to step out of our comfort zone and be seen and be vulnerable.

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Self compassion - dealing with your inner critic

We often don’t realise how our own inner dialogue makes it so difficult to change and grow as human beings, what we tell ourselves or what we believe about ourselves can impact all aspects of our lives from work to relationships. 

Self-compassion has been linked to greater well-being and joy, reduced anxiety and depression, and improved emotional coping skills.

In this online webinar, we will explore various strategies to help build Self-compassion reducing your stress and enhancing your life.

Nature for wellbeing

Explore the importance of time outside for both our mental and physical health.

Spending time in nature, whether this is our gardens, parks, or vaster expanses can enhance our ability to enjoy life, reduce stress, and improve our mental and physical health. Our affinity toward nature is genetic and deep-rooted in evolution but for many, we have lost the importance of that connection. 

Join this online webinar to increase your understanding of why nature enhances wellbeing, hear the latest research findings and ways to incorporate nature into your daily life.


Time for reflection - focus on our values

Are you living the life you want, focused on your values and one which gives you meaning?

The last few months have been a time for us to notice what is important in our lives, for many it has been a time to stop and reflect. How do we define our values or take steps to move into a more meaningful life?

This session will help you explore these questions with resources to utilise at home and work. In this online webinar we will explore how to define your values and take steps towards a more meaningful life.

Saying no: maintaining boundaries

Learn how to empower yourself to maintain boundaries that are good for you and enable others to appreciate you in a new light.

This is now an online Webinar.

How often have you thought next time I’m going to say NO, only to find yourself agreeing to that extra work project, or that visit to relatives on your day off! We can often feel a sense of guilt, or feel that people will think less of us if we don’t say yes, but this can lead to stress and lack of self-care. 

Learn some strategies to maintain healthy boundaries and regain some control in your life at work and home. 

Grief- lets' talk about it 

The session explores our culture around loss, how to allow ourselves to grieve and ways to support our friends and family.

Bereavement and all forms of loss are part of life. Yet we find it difficult to talk about it, whether it is us who is grieving or we are supporting someone through loss.


In this session, we explore ways we grieve, and how building awareness, acceptance, and rituals can help. 


Practical ideas to support ourselves and talk to those who are grieving. 


Resources after the session allow individuals and organisations to continue the conversation. 


How to build your emotional first aid kit

Medical First Aid we do without thinking- You put a plaster on a cut or take antibiotics to treat an infection.


So why isn’t the same true of our mental health? We are expected to just “get over” emotional injuries but they can be just as challenging as physical ones.

We need to learn how to practice emotional first aid. How can we proactively build ways to support ourselves and no what supports us in times of stress or crisis. 

This session offers practical resources to manage our emotional health with resources to utilise after the session. 

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How to deal with change - the only constant in life

Why do we struggle with change and what tools you can use to manage change positively?

 As the saying goes “Change is the only constant in life” so why do we struggle to manage change and often push against it even when change is inevitable? If we can learn to embrace, welcome and thrive through change we will alter our whole perception of our daily lives.


This session will look at how our heads and hearts deal with change and tools you can utilise to manage change positively.

Panic attacks, how to manage before, during & after

Learn about triggers, early warning signs, symptoms during an attack and how to deal with the aftermath.

Panic Attacks can be frightening for the individual and those trying to support them. earn about triggers, early warning signs, symptoms during an attack and how to deal with the aftermath. Increasing our understanding reduces the fear and power of attacks.

This session is suitable for individuals who have experienced panic attacks and friends, colleagues or family looking for ways to offer support. This includes young people who may wish to attend with parents/caregivers . 

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