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Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate leadership is leading by example rather than dictating, enabling all voices to be heard, and developing team dynamics thereby moving from cultures of fear and blame to ones of learning and growth.

"I refuse to believe you cannot be both compassionate and strong. It takes courage and strength to be empathetic, and I’m very proudly an empathetic and compassionate leader" - Jacinda Ardern – former New Zealand Prime Minister


Over the last few years, we have seen a huge rise in stress, burnout and mental health issues in the workplace, impacting individuals and organisations. Adopting a compassionate approach improves employee wellbeing and productivity.  Reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and resignations. 

A psychologically safe workplace allows creativity, focuses on solutions rather than problems and allows employees to flourish, all improving productivity and job satisfaction.

Who would benefit from compassionate leadership courses?

Compassionate leadership courses are suitable for those in leadership roles, management or those wishing to move into these roles.  They are also suitable for those interested in how we can influence others whatever our role, whether you are a receptionist- the 1st point of contact in an organisation or working in sales we all can benefit from adopting the qualities of a compassionate leader.

They can be particularly relevant to those entering management,  moving into a new role or for organisations undergoing changes, restructuring or growth.

Four Levels of Training

All sessions offer an opportunity to reflect on your current practice and prioritise areas for self and organisational development

Compassionate Leadership
Awareness-  1 hour


One-hour session- an overview of key CL skills and practices, with a questionnaire to gauge your current development needs and a handout with further exercises to enhance skills.

Suitable as a starting point for compassionate leadership. Can be used as a whole organisation webinar.

Compassionate Leadership
Knowledge - full day


More in depth exploration of skills required to be a compassionate leader, including case studies, adapted examples to your organisation, reflective practice and group work. An excellent opportunity to develop a compassionate leaders cohort who support each other.

Topics covered include psychological safety, listening, curiosity, communication, dealing with challenging conversations, boundaries and empathy.

Compassionate Leadership
Introduction - half day


Interactive session focuses on compassionate communication, curiosity and listening which encourages learning and growth across the team.

Exercises, group work and discussion will allow you to learn collectively and deepen your understanding of key skills. Handout after the session includes further development practices.

Compassionate Leadership
delving deeper - 4 week course


During 4 weekly 2- hour sessions, we will explore a range of compassionate leadership practices. Including psychological safety, listening, curiosity, communication, dealing with challenging conversations, boundaries, empathy, influencing, authenticity and barriers to compassionate leadership.

You will have exercises to complete between each session to develop your skills and resources to utilise after the course to further enhance your knowledge.

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