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Workshops, training & initiatives 

We offer a variety of courses from 2 day Mental Health First Aid to a hour on Self Compassion or a team day in nature. 

Sessions can be delivered online or face to face. 

Alongside sessions shown on these pages we can design workshops based on your organisational needs. 

Details of all our sessions can be found below by clicking the links. 

Get in touch to book any of the workshops or find out more about tailored initiatives.

Look forward to working with you  - together we can make 

workplace wellbeing a reality

Wellbeing Services: Services

Workshops designed by Way to Wellbeing to support managers, HR teams and individual employees. 

Sessions range from 90 minutes to full day on topics including: 

  • How to recognise and deal with stress

  • Compassionate Leadership

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Managing wellbeing in Workplace 

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) 2 day course teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

A certificated internally recognised qualification, it also enhances listening skills and helps you know how to respond even in a crisis. 

We also offer the MHFA 1 day, half days and refresher courses

Wellbeing team days in nature- supporting teams to destress, reconnect and develop together 

Using the power of nature and time outside to step away from the usual work environment has a profound impact on team dynamics. 

Effective for leadership development,  bonding new teams, supporting through periods of change, improve team wellbeing and reduce stress

Putting wellbeing and support at the heart of the onboarding process signals the positive ethos and culture of an organisation enabling new starters to thrive and perform. 

Our bespoke e-learning programme over four modules embeds wellbeing into your organisation's culture. Our tailored approach means we include your EAP and  & you can co-brand.

Three different packages are available to suit all budgets.

A range of talks which can be great for an hour lunch and learn and opportunity to dip into a topic or adapted to more interactive longer sessions. 

Sessions include: 

  • Change your habits - change your life

  • How to calm the overthinking mind

  • Grief- Let's talk about it

  • Saying no - maintaining boundaries 

Compassionate Leadership is often the missing piece in the jigsaw of workplace wellbeing. Enabling employees to thrive both emotionally and productively.


It is a great development opportunity for anyone with influence whatever their role. Builds communication, creativity and collaborative working skills. 

We offer four different levels of training. 

Wellbeing Services: Projects
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