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Mental Health & Wellbeing Onboarding

The last few years have been hard on everyone. Amidst a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and changes to the ways we work, the need to support everyone’s mental health and wellbeing is greater than ever. 

Remote/hybrid working has made onboarding more challenging, and people feel less connected to colleagues and the organisation.

Understandably we want new starters, to thrive and perform, part of enabling them to do this is helping them gain the skills to recognise when they’re not ok, and know what to do about it. Ensuring wellbeing and support are at the heart of the onboarding process signals from the start the ethos and culture of the organisation.

The relationship with the line manager, engagement with the team and support from HR is key. Alongside this, we can support with a bespoke e-learning programme that will incorporate key mental health and wellbeing strategies. Enabling individuals to proactively support their wellbeing and understand what is available within the organisation.

Mental Health & Wellbeing onboarding programme will: 

  • Build trust and connection

  • Reduce sickness, presenteeism and resignations

  • Create psychological safety

  • Improve productivity 

  • Embed organisational values

  • Show compassionate leadership


Our e-learning course is split into four modules, each containing a mix of videos, guided presentations, downloads and a quiz to embed learning. 

Module 1

Introduction - understanding mental health and stress

Module 2

Knowing ourselves - imposter syndrome and inner critic 

Module 3

Mental ill health - spots signs and access support 

Module 4

Moving forward - Self care and my wellbeing plan 

Our e-learning is unique as videos and downloads are tailored to include your current offers from EAP to flexible working, MHFAiders or exercise classes. All resources can be co-branded. 


There is an option for you to introduce the first session to fully embed within your culture, as your wellbeing partners we will reflect your organisational language. 

Our Packages:  

We offer three main packages all focusing on proactively supporting wellbeing. 

Simple and transparent pricing depending on the size of the organisation allows you to budget for the whole year. We offer discounts for the third sector & social enterprises

Wellbeing Ambassador training in enhanced and ultimate packages enables individuals at any level take on a meaningful role promoting wellbeing and supporting others in the organisation. 

  • 12 mth access to e-learning 

  • Bespoke for organisation

  • Wellbeing planning mtg 

  • Monthly data & feedback

  • 15% discount on all W2W courses 

  • 12 mth access to e-learning 

  • Bespoke for organisation

  • 1 live webinar per year

  • Six monthly wellbeing planning meeting

  • Personalised Z card- tips, resources, signposting

  • 1 Wellbeing Ambassador course for 12 attendees 

  • Monthly data & feedback

  • 20% discount on all W2W courses 

  • 12 mth access to e-learning 

  • Bespoke for organisation

  • Six monthly wellbeing planning meeting

  • 1 Live webinar for managers

  • 2 live webinars for all employees

  • 2 Wellbeing Ambassador courses- total 24 attendees

  • Personalized Z card - tips, resources, signposting

  • Monthly data & feedback

  • Wellbeing resources 

  • 20% discount on all W2W courses 

Core Package 

Enhanced Package

Ultimate package 

 If you have any questions about our onboarding offers please get in touch so we can answer your queries, share more detail regarding content and find out about your organisation's requirements. 

Mental Health First Aid: Welcome
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