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Managing Feelings of Anxiety

There has been a rise in feelings of anxiety understandably since the outbreak of Corvid-19. There is the real fear of catching the disease, worry about friends and family, and changes to our daily lives, as well as fears around job security for many.  The common theme is the lack of control that we have over these events, our brains are hard wired to keep us safe, to see change as a threat and lack of control to our brain is a threat. We can then move into fight, flight or freeze mode which was useful in prehistoric times when the threat was a saber-toothed tiger but not so great to deal with current circumstances. These feelings fuel anxiety and panic and turn into a vicious circle of feeling more out of control. 

So what can you do help? 

  • Acknowledge and accept the uncertainty and period of change- once you stop fighting it you notice a change in your thoughts. 

  • Take a breath- just sit and notice your breathing for a few moments- move from your head back into the body and breath

  • Exercise- anxiety pumps adrenaline round your body- do something active to release it, dance around the lounge, run up and down the stairs- it doesn't have to be formal exercise. 

  • Focus on what you can control- how you react to the situation and what you do with your time

  • Connect with friend or family and share your feelings, professional support is also available, Anxiety UK for example

  • Find positives in the situation, learn a new skill, take time to notice changes within nature, savour your daily exercise, keep a diary, show kindness to yourself and others. 

By taking some small steps you will help to regain control of the situation and feel less anxious. It would be lovely to hear what self care activities you are doing during this time. 

You can find out more about the impact of adrenaline in Way blog post alarming adrenaline 

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